Hey! I'm Megan.

As a first-generation Asian American, I often asked myself, “Who am I?”

Growing up, I didn't know nor understand what it meant to be a model minority. I believed I needed to conform to that narriative. Now, I challange that narrative to make a difference in my clients and my community.

I had always hoped for an affirming space when I needed it the most; now, I provide that space.

Music therapy is the space where I help individuals identify how their relationships with themselves, others, and society influence them. I harness people's strengths to help them understand their unconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions, encouraging self-initiated change and transformation. You can change your narriative.

what Music Therapy means to me

Music therapy is the organic process where growth and wellness is promoted through intentional music experiences.

What it's like to work with me

I strive to provide a non-judgmental, authentic, and creative space.
Validation and Expression
I acknowledge and validate all experiences brought into the therapeutic space and support the expression of these experiences.
I acknowledge and respect every individual's cultural background and identities.
I support all change and growth every individual strives towards.
I strive to work in collaboration to encourage and enhance your wellness journey.
I give respect towards every individual regardless of their situation.


Kong, M. (2020, November 19 – 2020, November 22). Experiences of Hong Kong Cantonese identifying music therapists and music therapy students [Research poster]. The American Music Therapy Association’s 2020 National Conference, Virtual. https://www.musictherapy.org


  • Senior Lecture Recital

    April 2021

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional - American Music Therapy Association

    April 2021

  • American Music Therapy Association Research Poster, Conference

    April 2021

  • Summer Research Celebration

    October 2020

  • Sigma Alpha Iota Province Day, Music Therapy Presentation

    April 2019


  • Board Certified Music Therapist (17466)
  • Licensed Practicing Music Therapist (00131)
  • Masters in Music Therapy – Counseling Concentration, Clinical Mental Health Endorsement IN PROGRESS
  • Bachelors in Music – Music Therapy
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